The Tower Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Work & More

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Work & More

As your Tarot reader glides her finger over the deck, you can’t help but feel the unsettling energy of The Tower card.

This foreboding image of a lightning-struck tower may represent sudden upheaval or a long-awaited revelation.

Brace yourself, for with this card, you’re in for a wild ride.

The Tower Description

The Tower tarot card is a potent symbol of change and upheaval.

Depicting a towering structure crumbling amidst a thunderstorm, it is an image that speaks to the power of destruction.

The lightning bolts that strike the tower represent the sudden flashes of insight that can bring about change, while the figures falling from its heights represent the old structures and beliefs that must be released in order to move forward.

The Tower Tarot Card Upright Meaning
The Tower, as depicted in the Rider-Waite deck, which is the most widely used deck for tarot readings. If you like this image, you can save it by clicking on it!

The burning crown atop the tower is a symbol of materialistic desires, which ultimately lead to our downfall.

The Tower Keywords: Yes or No, Element, Astrological Correspondence, Number & More

Before we begin, check out this key terms related to The Tower tarot card:

Yes or No No
Upright Sudden change, upheaval, destruction, revelation, chaos.
Reversed Disaster, upheaval, chaos, destruction, downfall.
Astrological Correspondence Mars
Element Fire
Number 16

The Tower Meaning Explained

So listen up, because The Tower just showed up in your reading, and that’s no joke.

This card ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, so don’t kid yourself thinking otherwise.

The Tower Tarot Card Art Modern Way Deck
Beautiful Art By: The Modern Way Tarot, which is one of my personal favorite tarot decks. If you love it as much as I do, you can purchase it on Amazon.

In fact, it’s like a lightning bolt striking the top of your expectations and sending everything crashing down in a flash.


Think of this card as the universe’s ultimate wake-up call. You might be headed for some kind of major event that shakes you to your core and forces you to radically re-evaluate your life choices.

Ain’t that terrifying

Maybe yes!

Maybe no!

But one thing in this world holds true- change is coming, my dear!

The sensations that shimmer through each shooting fluorescence say this change is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. We will be relentless.

It could be upheaval, it could be chaos, it could be unexpected news, it could be endings – but one thing for sure is that you won’t be walking away from this sensation whole the way you came in champ.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You’d be surprised by how much a destruction can pave the way to something beautiful that needs to come into your life, like a fish evolving its gills to breath under water or a raw calamari served with sweet peppers.

Alright, canbe not that last bit.

Point is, you might not see it now, babe, but you will later discover there’s been a bigger plan being brewed up just for you! So gear up babe, times are a’changing!

The Tower Love and Relationships Meaning

The Tower tarot card represents sudden change, upheaval and chaos. If you are single, this could mean an unexpected event or news that will shake your love life to its core.

Your heart will feel like a building collapsing on itself.

However, in the end, it could lead to a positive transformation of your love life.

If you are in a relationship, The Tower can represent a major disagreement or a betrayal that will bring everything crashing down. Your relationship will feel like a castle under siege, with towers crumbling to the ground. But don’t despair, this could ultimately lead to a stronger, more authentic, and healthier partnership.

  • This is a wake-up call, a chance to reassess and make necessary changes.
  • Things can seem chaotic and uncertain at first, but trust that it’s a necessary process of growth and transformation.
  • Prepare to face the truth of the situation, even if it’s painful, in order to move forward with clarity and inner strength.

The Tower Money and Career Meaning

The Tower card signifies lightning-fast and sudden changes that can arise unexpectedly in your financial life.

Think of the Tower as a metaphorical lightning bolt; striking the ground and uprooting everything in its path.

The Tower Tarot Card Light Seer's Deck
The Tower in the Light Seer’s deck, which I personally love and use a lot.

It’s a warning that upheaval is headed your way and it’s important to brace for impact. With this card, you can experience financial losses, unexpected expenses, or workplace strife that could damage your finances.

The key is to be prepared, stay as level-headed as possible, and adapt to new circumstances as fast as you can.

Ultimately, how this all plays out will depend on how you choose to react. So, keep your eyes peeled and your mind sharp!

Health and Spirituality Meaning

The Tower tarot card symbolizes sudden and catastrophic change.

In terms of health and spirituality, this could mean you can feel as if your foundation has been shaken.

Like a house of cards collapsing or a bolt of lightning striking a tree, you can be experiencing a spiritual awakening or an unexpected health crisis.

This card suggests that you can need to let go of old habits and beliefs in order to rebuild a stronger foundation.

Just as a tree can regrow its branches after being struck by lightning, you too can emerge from this upheaval with renewed strength and vitality.

The Tower Reversed

Oh, dear one, the Tower tarot card reversed is not a pleasant sight. It’s like a stormy night with strong winds, striking lighting, and roaring thunders.

You feel like the ground beneath your feet is shaking, the skies are cracking open and the world around you is collapsing in on itself.

This is what the reversed Tower tarot card represents – chaos, destruction and upheaval.

You might feel like you are trapped in a sinking ship, or caught in quicksand with no escape.

The Tower Tarot Card Reversed Meaning
The Tower Reversed.

It’s as if you’re walking on eggshells, and everything around you could fall apart at any moment. The reversed Tower tarot card personifies fear and uncertainty. You might feel vulnerable, exposed and powerless, and that’s okay.

Remember that chaos often leads to creation, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and that this too shall pass.

Trust your inner strength and resilience, for you’re stronger than you know.

The Tower Tarot Combinations

The Tower card can have a negative connotation on its own, as it represents sudden upheaval and destruction.

However, when combined with positive cards such as The Sun or The Star, it can indicate a necessary and transformative change.

When paired with other negative cards, it may indicate a particularly challenging obstacle.

Ultimately, the meaning of the Tower card depends on the context of the reading and the other cards present.

The Tower and The Devil

Ah, The Tower and The Devil combination holds great significance in a tarot reading. Usually, it signals a hard yet necessary truth that must come to light now. This intense energy leads to the demolition of illusions and misconceptions, but it comes with a high price.

The Tower and The Devil

It’s not a gentle shake-up; instead, it’s a catastrophic shift that knocks down everything people depend on such as identities, relationships, careers, and methodologies.

It won’t be easy, and many might not survive it, but those who do will emerge victorious and forever changed as they will intensely embrace the lessons learned.

The Tower and Wheel of Fortune

When The Tower and Wheel of Fortune cards come up together in a spread, it typically indicates a sudden and drastic change in luck and life circumstances.

This could be seen as highly disruptive, unexpected, and possibly even reckless.

The Tower signifies a major upheaval or downfall, while the Wheel of Fortune represents the ever-changing cycles of life and the unpredictability of fate.

These two cards combined can signal a time of serious upheaval and uncertainty, but also an opportunity for growth, transformation, and learning from difficult experiences.

Keep in mind that all tarot readings are highly intuitive and contextual, so the interpretation of these cards could vary depending on the specific situation.

The Tower and Wheel of Fortune

The Tower and Strength

The Tower tarot card combined with Strength signifies a major upheaval or crisis that requires inner strength and courage to overcome.

The Tower and Strength

This combination may indicate a sudden change or disruption in one’s life that will ultimately lead to growth and transformation.

The Tower and The Sun

The Sun card represents positivity, success, and happiness, while The Tower signifies sudden change, upheaval, and chaos.

When The Sun and The Tower come together in a tarot reading, it suggests that a major shift or transformation is occurring, but it ultimately leads to a positive outcome.

The Tower and The Sun

The Tower and The Fool

When The Fool and The Tower cards appear together in a tarot reading, it typically signifies a time of unexpected change or upheaval that may catch you off guard.

The Fool represents new beginnings, taking risks, and a sense of innocence or naivety, while The Tower symbolizes sudden and dramatic change, often in the form of disruption or chaos.

Together, these cards suggest that you may be embarking on a new journey or phase of your life, but that it may come with unexpected challenges or setbacks that will require you to be resilient and adaptable.

It’s vital to stay grounded and approach any obstacles with a clear head and an open mind.

The Tower and The Fool

The Tower and The Magician

The Tower and The Magician cards together can create quite a powerful reading.

When combined, these cards suggest that you may be facing a dramatic shake-up in your life, but that you have the potential to use your own innate abilities to overcome the obstacles that come your way.

This pairing can also indicate that your current situation may require you to tap into your inner strength and resourcefulness in order to make the best of things.

The Tower and The Magician

On the whole, this combination is a reminder to stay focused and confident in your abilities, even when things get tough.

The Tower Element, Planet & Sign

The Tower tarot card represents sudden and drastic change or upheaval. This can be linked to the planet Mars and its association with conflict and aggression.

The Tower is an archetype of destruction or collapse, bringing about transformation and renewal. Its element is Fire, which adds to the intensity and explosive nature of this card.

The Tower Meaning in a Yes or No Reading

When it comes to The Tower tarot card, its energy represents sudden upheaval, destruction, and chaos.

Therefore, if The Tower appears in a yes or no reading, the answer would be a clear NO.

The Tower means that you may face unexpected events or challenges that could rock the foundations of your life.

So, if you receive The Tower in response to a yes or no question, it’s best to take a step back and prepare for potential disruptions ahead.

Learn more at The Tower: Yes or No?

The Tower Design in Some Popular Decks

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the ultimate icon, a master artwork of 78 cards.

Its passion for symbolism and the occult has shaped the tarot genre.

But those who seek the elusive, the abstract, the tangy, the whimsical, will find sparkling jewels in countless other decks.

Behold the many facets of tarot! From the Luminous Spirit to the Wild Unknown, from the Abstract Expressionism to the diverse cultures of the world, these decks offer extraordinary perspectives on life, love, the cosmos, and everything in between.

Let your creativity soar as you pick a tarot deck that speaks to your soul and captivates your senses.

The Tower Tarot Card Mystic Mondays
The Tower, as portrayed in the Mystic Mondays tarot deck, perfect for those who enjoy cool, modern and innovative geometric designs.

The Tower Placement in the Major Arcana

The Tower card is the sixteenth card in the Major Arcana, and it represents sudden upheaval and destruction.

It is often depicted as a lightning bolt striking a tower or castle, which crumbles and falls, symbolizing the collapse of old structures and beliefs.

Think of it as a shattering earthquake that clears the way for new growth, or as a storm that clears the air and brings renewal. This card teaches us that sometimes we must experience chaos and destruction in order to rebuild and evolve.

The Tower Personality Type

The Tower tarot card represents a personality type that is like a bolt of lightning. It is sudden, unpredictable, and has the power to completely shatter anything in its path. It is like a stormy night where you can hear the thunder rolling in the distance, and then suddenly, the lightning strikes with a force that leaves you breathless.

This personality type is not afraid to take risks and push boundaries, but they must be mindful of the potential consequences of their actions.

On the other hand, The Tower tarot card can also represent a personality type that is like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

It is the embodiment of transformation and rebirth, symbolizing the destruction of old patterns to make way for something new. This personality type is not afraid to embrace change, even if it means letting go of things that once brought them comfort.

They are always willing to adapt to new circumstances and see the opportunity in every obstacle they face.

Just like the phoenix, they emerge stronger and more resilient each time.

In Conclusion

The Tower tarot card may seem intimidating at first glance, but it offers a powerful reminder that sometimes destruction and upheaval are necessary for growth and transformation.

Whether you are experiencing challenges in love, relationships, money, work, health, or spirituality, The Tower encourages you to embrace these opportunities for change with courage and resilience.

Remember that even in moments of chaos, there is always the potential for new beginnings and a brighter future.

Keep faith in your journey and trust that every experience, whether good or bad, is ultimately leading you towards your highest purpose and destiny.