The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Work & More

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Work & More

As you shuffle your tarot deck, one card jumps out with a whispering presence.

The Hermit beckons to you, urging you to delve into introspection and embrace solitude.

Embodying wisdom and soul-searching, this card prompts you to withdraw from the busyness of life and search within yourself for answers and guidance.

The Hermit Keywords: Yes or No, Element, Astrological Correspondence, Number & More

Let’s start by giving a quick summary of the essential terms related to The Hermit tarot card, including its upright and reversed meaning and how it affects different aspects of your life, such as love, career, and overall well-being.

Yes or No No
Upright Solitude, introspection, contemplation, wisdom, guidance.
Reversed Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, introspection, detachment.
Astrological Correspondence Virgo
Element Earth
Number 9

The Hermit Description & Symbolism Explained

The Hermit tarot card portrays a lone figure illuminated by a lantern, standing atop a mountain.

This card speaks to the power of isolation, introspection, and inner wisdom. The Hermit represents the desire for solitude and the need to go inward, seeking greater understanding and enlightenment.

The staff he holds can be seen as a symbol of authority or as a tool to guide him on his journey. The mountain hints the challenges and obstacles one must overcome to reach higher realms of consciousness.

The Hermit Tarot Card Upright Meaning
The Hermit, as depicted in the Rider-Waite deck, which is the most widely used deck for tarot readings. If you like this image, you can save it by clicking on it!

The lantern represents the inner light that shines in all of us but can only be accessed through solitude and contemplation.

The cloak signifies the need for protection and detachment from the material world.

This intriguing card overall encourages us to tune out external noise – and distractions, to listen to our own inner voice and connect with our innermost selves.

The Hermit Meaning in a Reading

Well, well, well, seems like you’ve pulled The Hermit card, my friend.

This card is like that wise old sage who lives alone on top of the mountain, and boy does he have some deep and insightful advice for you.

You can feel called to retreat from the world to seek some serious introspection and soul-searching to find clarity in a confusing time.

The Hermit Tarot Card Art Modern Way Deck
Beautiful Art By: The Modern Way Tarot, which is one of my personal favorite tarot decks. If you love it as much as I do, you can purchase it on Amazon.

It’s time to put away the party hat, leave the squad behind, and dive deep to access your inner wisdom and learn valuable lessons about yourself and your life.

This is a time for you to step back into solitude and listen to your inner voice.

Don’t worry, dear, this doesn’t mean you will be alone forever – you shout it from the rooftops and people will still hear you. Letting people into your party (read: life) now might lead to confusion, and they might not even be bringing the sparkling wine you prefer.

You need to develop a better understanding of yourself first. This ‘me’ journey might require introspective work that cannot be instigated in the presence of a loud and communicative squad.

You need clarity first about the way forward before a squad is ready to hit the streets.

Holding your tongue and unravelling your thoughts during the experience will provide valuable life tools, so keep a diary or something. This might be the secret of personal alchemy that helps make gold from a person’s weaknesses.

In summary, my dear–get ready for some version of that ‘disappear and go within’ message.

Darken your rooms, dig deep, and commit to focused-me time.

Remember that This too shall pass, and when it does, there will be unending laughter and tea time chats.

The Hermit Love and Relationships Meaning

The Hermit tarot card relates to introspection, devotion and solitude. If you are single, it says you need to look within yourself, find your inner light and let it shine before seeking out love.

If you are already in a relationship, it might indicate the need for some space and time apart to rediscover your true self. The card depicts a person who is alone, but not lonely. It’s like a cocoon before emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

The Hermit’s light shines only for themselves, but it still illuminates their path. This card is a reminder to take time to reflect and find inner peace before looking for love.

The Hermit Money and Career Meaning

The Hermit card represents a period of introspection and solitary reflection, suggesting that you can need to withdraw from the noise and clutter of everyday life in order to gain clarity on your financial situation.

This card advises you to take a step back and really assess your financial goals and the steps you need to take to reach them. It suggests that you can need to make some sacrifices and delays in order to achieve your goals, but that ultimately this will lead to greater financial stability and success.

The Hermit Tarot Card Light Seer's Deck
The Hermit in the Light Seer’s deck, which I personally love and use a lot.

So my advice to you is to embrace your inner hermit, focus on your goals, and be patient with the process.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Upright Health and Spirituality Meaning

The appearance of The Hermit card can indicate that you’re in a state of isolation, feeling disconnected from your inner self and seeking enlightenment.

You can feel as though you’re wandering through a dark and unfamiliar forest, searching for a guiding light. It’s time to take a step back and prioritize your inner peace and spiritual growth. Embrace your solitude as an opportunity for reflection and self-discovery.

You hold the key to your own healing and transformative journey.

The Hermit Reversed

When The Hermit is reversed, you are like a fallen star, lost in the dark.

You have lost your sense of direction and purpose, wandering aimlessly.

You are disconnected from your inner voice, unsure of what to do next. Like a candle that has been snuffed out, your light is dimmed, and you feel alone and abandoned.

You can be feeling isolated and closed off from the world around you, but it is key to remember that you are not alone.

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed Meaning
The Hermit Reversed.

Reach out to those who love and support you to reconnect with the light within.

Like a seed waiting to germinate, you have the potential for growth and renewal, but you must first find your way out of the darkness.

Remember, the journey can be tough, but it is always worth it when you finally emerge into the light.

The Hermit Tarot Combinations

The Hermit tarot card in combination with other cards can vary in interpretation. When paired with positive cards, it can signify a time of introspection and spiritual growth. When paired with negative cards, it can suggest isolation and loneliness.

The Hermit and The Lovers

The Hermit and The Lovers together in a tarot reading can indicate a period of introspection and soul-searching within a romantic relationship. It could suggest a need for time alone to gain clarity and understanding before making any major decisions.

The Hermit and The Lovers

The Hermit and The Hierophant

The combination of The Hierophant and The Hermit in a tarot reading can symbolize a time of introspection and spiritual development.

The Hierophant represents tradition, guidance, and seeking wisdom from higher powers, while The Hermit represents solitude, self-reflection, and inner guidance.

The Hermit and The Hierophant

Together, they suggest a need to detach from external distractions and focus on one’s own spiritual journey, seeking guidance from both higher powers and one’s inner wisdom. It may also indicate the need for a spiritual teacher or wise mentor to guide the seeker on their path.

The Hermit and The Moon

The Moon tarot card combined with The Hermit can signify a time of introspection and deep reflection. The Moon represents the unconscious mind and hidden emotions, while The Hermit represents solitude and seeking inner wisdom.

Together, these cards may indicate a need to retreat from the outside world and focus on inner growth, spiritual exploration, and personal transformation. This combination can also suggest a period of confusion or uncertainty, requiring patience and trust in the journey ahead.

As a tarot expert, I would encourage you to explore these themes further and trust your intuition as you navigate this transformative time.

The Hermit and The Moon

The Hermit and The Sun

The combination of The Sun and The Hermit conveys a time of great enlightenment and insight.

This tarot reading represents a period where the subject is likely to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner awareness.

The Hermit and The Sun

With the Sun representing ambition, success, and optimism while the Hermit standing for self-reflection, introspection, and solitude.

Together, they form a dynamic duo that encourages personal growth, self-confidence, and clarity – a time where the light of truth shines brightly and forever illuminates the darkest corners.

The Hermit and The World

The Hermit tarot card in combination with The World suggests a journey towards personal enlightenment and self-discovery, leading to a sense of completion and fulfillment in one’s life.

This combination may indicate a period of introspection and reflection, leading to greater wisdom and understanding of one’s place in the world.

The Hermit and The World

The Hermit and The High Priestess

The combination of The Hermit and The High Priestess in a tarot reading suggests a time of introspection and isolation, where one may need to rely on their intuition and inner wisdom to find answers and guidance.

It can also indicate a need to seek out spiritual or esoteric knowledge.

The Hermit and The High Priestess

The Hermit Astrology Correspondences

The Hermit tarot card represents introspection and solitary reflection. This tarot card aligns with Virgo, a cautious and analytical zodiac sign associated with earth.

The Hermit embodies self-reflection, spiritual guidance, and self-improvement.

Its essence is peaceful and calming, reminding us to disconnect from the outside world and focus on inner wisdom, teachings, and knowledge.

The Hermit Meaning in a Yes or No Reading

When it comes to The Hermit tarot card, its energy embodies introspection, solitude, and withdrawal.

Therefore, if The Hermit appears in a yes or no reading, the answer would be a clear NO.

The Hermit means that it is not the opportune time to take action as some self-reflection and deeper contemplation may be necessary before making any decisions.

So, if you receive The Hermit in response to a yes or no question, it is counsel to take a step back and focus on your inner-self rather than take any immediate action.

Learn more at: The Hermit As a Yes or No Card.

The Hermit Design in Some Popular Decks

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is considered to be the main tarot deck among tarot readers.

The Rider-Waite deck was first published in 1910 by Waite and artist Pamela Colman Smith. The deck features 78 cards divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

However, there is an abundance of other tarot decks to choose from. Many of these decks are incredibly beautiful and unique, which can make them even more appealing to many practitioners.

Some tarot decks carry more symbolism than others, so it is always helpful for a practitioner to research each tarot deck before deciding which one resonates with them the most. Tarot decks can be based on different themes, such as animals, mythology, or varying cultures.

As a tarot reader, exploring different decks can offer new and fresh insights.

The Hermit Tarot Card Mystic Mondays
The Hermit, as portrayed in the Mystic Mondays tarot deck, perfect for those who enjoy cool, modern and innovative geometric designs.

The Hermit Placement in the Major Arcana

The Hermit card is the ninth card in the Major Arcana and it portrays a figure standing alone with a lantern, symbolizing introspection and isolation.

It is like a beacon of light in the dark, guiding one’s inner journey towards enlightenment. It represents the need for solitude and reflection, like a monk retreating to a cave to meditate.

It is like a pause button on life, allowing for introspection before moving forward.

The Hermit encourages us to look inward and discover our own truths, like a miner sifting through dirt to find gold.

The Hermit Qualities & Temperament

The Hermit tarot card represents an introverted and introspective personality.

The Hermit stands alone on a mountain top with a lantern in hand, symbolizing the journey of self-discovery.

This personality type seeks solitude as a path to enlightenment, akin to unraveling the layers of an onion to uncover one’s true self. The Hermit is like a lone wolf wandering through the forest, learning from the wisdom of nature.

They are a seeker of truth, looking within to find answers.

Furthermore, The Hermit is like a diamond in the rough, shining with its own inner light. The Hermit’s introspection is the key that unlocks their true potential, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The Hermit’s personality is like a puzzle waiting to be solved, a challenge that only they can conquer. They are like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis, emerging from their cocoon transformed and ready to spread their wings.

Indeed, The Hermit is a beacon of hope for those seeking answers, guiding them towards enlightenment and self-discovery.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, The Hermit tarot card reminds us that taking a step back and reflecting on our current situations can lead to great insight and growth in all areas of our lives.

Whether it be in love, relationships, money, work, health or spirituality, we must embrace the solitude that allows us to connect with our inner selves.

By doing so, we can find the clarity and direction needed to take the next steps towards achieving our goals.

Trust in the wisdom of The Hermit and explore the depths within you – the possibilities are endless!